Engage with key tools and techniques used to build powerful morphological and phonics knowledge

Our students must learn prefixes and suffixes as well as letter-sound correspondences. How exactly do you fit this into the day? Is it possible to teach both in the same lesson?

Well, phonics and morphology have a very tight relationship - theirs is a love story of interdependence. When students over-rely on sounding out and don’t think about the morphemes in a word, they can be left with justifiable confusion about the spelling of some words.

Spelling errors like iz (is), pax (packs) or akshun (action) can be cleared up by not only studying a wider range of letter-sound correspondences but also by learning about the building blocks of words, as the morphology of a word influences which letters are used to spell it.

If this is something you’ve been wanting to explore, then this workshop is a great place to start!

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